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"Vita plus quam nigrum et album"

Fauci boasted 'mRNA is deadly for children' in recently leaked video

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Fauci boasts 'mRNA is deadly for children' in recently leaked video

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Former National Institute of Health boss, Dr Anthony Fauci, was caught telling insiders that mRNA vaccines would help reduce the global child population. Insiders reveal that children are at the forefront of an elite plan for total world domination.

The world is slowly waking up to the fact that the elderly and infirm were targeted by the elite in a ruthless slaughter exercise during the plague, when the first phase of the global depopulation project was launched and the world population was systematically reduced.

However, anyone who thinks that they are hell-bent on slaughtering only the elderly must realise that they are far more perverse.

Subtitles by Riverside Ai
Translation: DeepL
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